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Contest time will be from 02/01/02 to 03/01/02. After that, there will be a 6 week waiting period for qsl confirmation. At the end of the 6 week period(04/12/01), all qsl cards and logs must be received by Directors and DX Managers. Only Sierra Fox members are invited to join the competition. There is no fee to join. For each contestant, the goal is to achieve the maximum number of contacts with other contestants as well as with all other radio operators. Each contact counts as one point.

Each contestant shall make a log of the contacts he makes for the contest. In this log, for every contact, the following information must be included: station call-sign, operator name and country, date and frequency. Contestants may hand-make their log's in normal sheets of paper or enter information on Notepad, Wordpad or some other software and send via e-mail to your division director or dx manager. Prizes: 1st Place: trophy 2nd Place: Certificate 3rd Place: Certificate RULES: 1. The comp is for ssb and fm modes on 11 meter band(26.000 to 27.999 mhz) with no power limits. 2. The contacts must be 15 miles plus to count. 3. The Q.S.L cards can only count if they made contact in the time period of comp. 4. Qsl cards and logs must be mailed to your division Director or DX Manager(see bottom of page for addresses). 5. Each qsl confirmation counts as one point. The most points wins the dx comp. 6. Date & location must be on the Q.S.L card as proof of contact. 7. The comp organisers are not allowed to join in the dx comp. 8. Anybody found cheating will be disqualified. 9. To participate in the contest, you must have at least 30 days SF membership. MAILING ADDRESSES: Contestants in the 9 division, send qsl information to: BOB BOX 803 LEVACK, ONTARIO CANADA POM2CO Contestants in the 2 division, send qsl information to: DAVID PO BOX 62 GREENWOOD, WISCONSIN USA 54437 Contestants in all other divisions, send qsl information to: ANDY PO BOX 48 WORKSOP, NOTTS ENGLAND S80 4AN